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Archanon is a newcomer to the forums. An age 16 energy manipulator, he is standing ready to repel the Evil Overlords United invasion.



Name: Archanon/Archa

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Alternate Dimension)


(Male, Archanon) Somewhat aloof, but also chaotically minded. Always gets involved in things he really doesn't need to.

(Female, Archa) Appears whenever Archanon is TG'd. Mischevious, almost to the point of being evil, and similar to Archanon in just about all other ways, though she prefers physical force where he uses magic.

Both are telepathic and remain present in the mind when the other is in control.

Powers: Ability to control and manipulate energy from just about any and all outside sources. Draining them completely can cause them to shut down, die, collapse, vanish, etc. depending on the source. Drained energy powers his spells. Uses physical weaponry in the form of a large, sentient tome that aids him and can transform into various weapons that can be controlled mentally. (Also can use various weapons that are stored in his backpack, but this mostly happens when Archa is the dominant persona.) Also can summon swarms of flesh eating, sentient books.

Equipment: Sentient Tome, shapeshifting, mental control. Backpack of holding, contains various powerful weaponry and assorted other items, many of which were 'borrowed' from their home dimensions. Previously seen weapons: Black Runic sword, Silver Runic sword, Shieldbreaker, Woundhealer.

Summary: A schizophrenic energy manipulating psycho with theoretically unlimited power (if he can find a big enough power source.)


Xeria: Muse of technology. Creates assorted works of technogenius using a few miscellaneous items and some technobabble. Of course, she's lazy and only creates when given incentment. Actually not inspired by Macgyver, at least consciously.

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